I believe that the basis of a phenomenal massage experience lies in the ability of the therapist to enable the client to totally relax, to let go, and awaken into an exquisite bliss of feeling totally fulfilled in the present moment. An excellent therapist not only has a highly attuned touch, but is also immediately personable and able to make a total stranger feel at ease in their presence.

Clinic Rates

45 min

60 min

90 min

2 hours





After Hours $70

After Hours $95

After Hours $125

After Hours $150

(Concession rates apply for Carers See our Carer Page)

Mobile Massage

It’s great to be able to relax after your massage and not have to drive anywhere.

Let us transform your space into a relaxation zone with candlelight, soothing music and smells and of course a divine massage treatment. A great way to wind-down after a busy week or just take time out from life in general.  Give as a gift…

60 min

90 min

2 hours




Additional travel rates apply: $10 Outer Suburbs, $20 Smithfield/Edmonton, $25 Northern Beaches (Palm Cove-Gordonvale)

Suggestions for creating a beautiful massage experience at your home/hotel:

  • Make sure your mobile phone is off or on silent
  • Turn off the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher
  • Consider going for a walk with your toddler/baby if the massage is for your partner or arrange a nanny/babysitter (we have local nanny contacts if required).


Migun Massage

Twenty steps up from a massage chair

Migun massage compliments any massage and spa treatment. The Migun Thermal Massage Bed System incorporates mechanical traction, therapeutic/myofascial massage, deep heat and stretching motions. Receiving this type of treatment can help in restoring spinal alignment and integrity – decreasing nerve irritation – and relieve myofascial and muscle restrictions to restore mobility and improve range-of-movement and daily function.

Usually taken at the start of your treatment, lying on the Migun table helps to warm and stretch the muscles either side of the spine. It releases tension of low-back pain especially – and gives the spine a good general stretch. “Twenty steps up from a massage chair”, Migun tables are Japanese-made and not well publicised in Australia but are totally awesome – you will want one in your lounge room.

Migun Only

(30 min)

Mingun +

30 min massage

Migun +

60 min massage

Migun +

90 min massage

Migun +

2 hour massage






After Hours $30

After Hours $80

After Hours $110

After Hours $135

After Hours $165