Workplace Well-Being

Make your workplace a great place to work! 

Gold Star Massage Cairns Australia

Employee appreciation creates loyalty, increases morale and motivation; and leads to higher staff retention – In short – It’s  good for business

  • Create a happier healthier work environment
  • Boost morale, motivation and job satisfaction
  • Give some well-earned recognition or encouragement
  • Increase staff loyalty, productivity
  • Maintain physical, mental and emotional well-being of your team
  • Enhance rapport with your staff and/or clients
  • Reward yourself or say Thank You to someone else


Solid business foundations are built on the principles of trust, loyalty, honesty, respect, appreciation and integrity. If you are you looking for ways to create a more human-centred workspace and increase the productivity of your team, then bringing massage to your workplace can help.

Gold Star Massage can holistically help to build company morale by bringing health and vitality into your work environment. Massages for your team members are a great way to show your encouragement and appreciation.


corporate wellness - do you have a plan?

Corporate Wellness – Prevention of long-term chronic illness is key to Workplace Health and the Happiness of your staff

Roaming Pamperer

We provide Table Massages at your workplace – Swedish/Remedial (with oil), Shiatsu/Trigger Point Therapy (without oil) or a combination.

15 min massage – $25 per person, (allow 20 min)

25 min massage – $40 per person  (allow 30 min)

30 min massage - $50 per person (allow 45 min)

45 min massage – $70 per person (allow 50 min)

60 min massage - $90 per person (allow 75min)

Give as a gift or make a part-payment toward massages for your staff/clients.

Angel Express

We also provide your people with seated “mini massages” (neck, back and shoulder, forearm, wrist and hand): At their desk (minimal disruption to work); In a boardroom or meeting; During lunch breaks; At social events (See our Angel Express page:).

5 MINUTE MASSAGE      (MIN. 9 PEOPLE)       $10 per person
10 MINUTE MASSAGE    (MIN. 6 PEOPLE)      $15 per person
15 MINUTE MASSAGE     (MIN. 5 PEOPLE)       $20 per person
20 MINUTE MASSAGE     (MIN. 4 PEOPLE)       $25 per person
25 MINUTE MASSAGE     (MIN. 3 PEOPLE)       $30 per person

Perfect for a mid-week pep-up, lunch-break rehab, or because it’s Friday — call Gold Star Massage to relax and revive you and your staff.

Events – also see our EVENTS page

Invite us to your corporate event/show conference/fundraiser/party and treat your guests/delegates/stars/crew/volunteers to table or seated shoulder massages. We have our own portable marquee to ensure privacy and comfort. $80/hour per therapist flat rate plus call-out fee) Please enquire on  0427 648 579 to discuss how we can best meet your needs.

Fill out the Online Booking in the left column to receive a great introductory treatment for you and your staff – Enter “Survey Special” in your enquiry or call us on 0427 648 579