Massage Replenishes

Taking time out from responsibilities of caring for another is essential to replenish your own energy reserves. Massage enables you to access quality of life. Carers give so much yet often neglect their own needs.

Everyone needs nurturing, but while caring full-time for another it can be a challenge to find time to nurture oneself. When we don’t take time to care for and replenish ourselves, we can become resentful of our role as a carer. We can become cranky, tired and unable to manage even “normal” stresses in day-to-day life.

A nurturing massage is just a 1-2 hour time-out time for yourself to care for yourself and regenerate your body, mind and spirit.

Tips to feel more positive and active in your life

  • Drink plenty of fresh water

    Caring for the carer

  • Eat fresh unprocessed food; avoid fizzy/caffeinated drinks and highly refined and processed foods
  • Go for a walk in nature
  • Feel the fresh air and sunshine
  • Get adequate rest
  • Have a cup of soothing herbal tea with a friend
  • Let go, have faith and trust in your higher Self/God


Our Carer Concession Clinic rates are for those in our community who devote their time to caring for someone elderly or disabled.

 60 min massage  $60      90 min massage  $80        2 hour massage  $100

restore and regenerate


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